ANARCHIST ATHLETE is a company focussed on providing quality knowledge, advice and sport science services to aspiring surf, skate and snow athletes.  The provocative combination of the words ‘anarchist’ and ‘athlete’ is my take on the paradoxical union of board-riding’s original counter culture foundation and the current pursuit of high performance.   Board-riding sports, once considered the pastimes of social misfits and subversive, drug affected nomads reneging on adult responsibilities, have fast become premier athletic disciplines.  The sports themselves are subsequently struggling with the juxtaposition of their traditional ideals of freedom, hedonism and rebellion and the somewhat contradictory ideals of athletic discipline, control, and continual performance enhancement.

Anarchist Athlete lays the foundations for a bridge between these two vastly disparate cultures; one associated with sporting disciplines that possess an underlying anarchistic and antiauthoritarian ideology, and the other associated with sport science and its quest to enhance athletic performance.  Talented board-riders are currently unable to detach themselves from the connotations and underlying motives associated with the term athlete, whether the expression fits the community’s underlying cultural ideology or not.   Although undertaken with consideration of the traditional philosophies and emphasis of the board-riding community on the more stylistic and subjective aspects of these sports, Anarchist Athlete is strongly focused on innovative methods to improve high end athletic performance and competition judging reliability.

Individuals considering a profitable career as a professional surfer, skateboarder or snowboarder need to utilise sophisticated training concepts and coaching practices that are normally applied within more mainstream sporting disciplines.  This does not mean the fun, the underlying reason why everyone began these pursuits in the first place, has to be sucked out of these sports.  Innovative training practices however, will play a major role in the long term success of an elite-level board-rider.  Anarchist Athlete conducts, publishes, and promotes sport science research focused on board-riding performance, manages the integration of innovative judging protocols, and provides sports performance and rider promotion, all whilst maintaining a strong emphasis on the importance of style.