JASON HARDING is a university lecturer and academic, a former sports-scientist (PhD), and a surfer, skateboarder, snowboarder, artist, and photographer who founded ‘Anarchist Athlete’, ‘Hype Media Lab’, and ‘The Undergrad Project’ as creative outlets focused on generating pragmatic and positive impacts in sport, business, and higher education. ‘Anarchist Athlete’ focuses on sports-science, sports management, and emerging technologies in elite sport (particular elite-level surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding), ‘Hype Media Lab’ provides businesses the capacity to maintain control over their online marketing channels, and The Undergrad Project’ aims to simply inspire higher education students to dream big, back themselves, and realize their potential.

Jason obtained his PhD from Griffith University in 2010 whilst working as a sports-science research scholar at the Australian Institute of Sport and the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia. He has expertise in sports-science, performance analysis, emerging technologies and competition judging, the management of rule changes in elite sport, online marketing techniques for business, and the use of technology and teaching practice innovation in higher education. Jason’s tertiary-level teaching focus is online marketing and website design for business and his current research focus is on the management of technology in elite sport and higher education. Jason is currently writing up a project (funded by the International Olympic Committee) focused on technology and elite snowboard competitions.

Jason essentially investigates and applies technological innovation in elite sport, business, and higher education settings. He is well published (his work has appeared in a number of international peer reviewed journals) and he regularly presents at conferences and corporate functions on sport, online marketing, and higher education. Feel free to contact Jason at any time at anarchistathlete@gmail.com