Andrew Burton Opens Mentawais Charter - BW

Andrew Burton Opens Mentawais Charter

Aussie Pro Snowboarder Andrew Burton Opens New Affordable Mentawais Surf Charter [...]

Aussie pro snowboarder Andrew Burton is a busy man and seemingly has his finger on the pulse.  One week he is over in Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics as the Australian Half-Pipe Snowboard Coach and the next he is sailing through the Mentawais in Indonesia on his surf charter boat, The Asian Princess.   

Here is a few words from Burto on the idea behind his new surf charter venture: 

What we aim to do at Surf Charters Indonesia is offer a realistically priced surf charter to some of the most exotic parts of the world making it accessible to almost every surfer anywhere in the world.  There are some hefty prices associated with surf charters and we want to break that stereotype and offer a world class product for our guests at an affordable price.  Our boat can accommodate a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 11 guests at this time and she is specifically designed for long haul surf charters.  We can stay at sea without re-supply for about 3 weeks.  We have found this allows us the freedom to go wherever we want and get our guests into the best waves on the planet.  There are no other boats in the area that offer what we for the price.  So far we haven’t had any complaints and it’s all looking good for 2010. 

Last time I talked with Burto (which was about a week ago), the Mentawais was pumping.   If you want to get shacked in the Mentawais ASAP, check out The Asian Princess’s Website

Keep an eye out for an interview with Burto on his Vancover Winter Olympc experience, his new surf charter venture, his ABC snowboard camps in NZ and anything else I can think to ask him.  Interview will be published on as sson as possible.



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